I suggest you ...

return to the old UI

Although you won't because this is flashy and less efficient than your old UI.

Want to shout out a huge thanks for decreasing quality productivity for the sake of a pretty UI with lots of buttons to click on. Now it takes me twice as long to find synonyms, which distracts my train of thought when writing. I am losing money on my pro freelance writing gigs because of the extra time to scroll down a list.

Kudos for being so Kewl and not getting it when it comes to un-crafting a tool that worked perfectly for its design.

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  • AdminAlexander Radyushin (CEO / Founder, Power Thesaurus) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Please accept our apologies for not providing the best user-experience for you in our new version.

    What exactly are you missing in the new version? Page links? Your feedback is very important to us!

    Please note that We have used infinite scroll so that users would be able to scroll without any interruption. The pages panel has been removed too as too few users used it and many have found it distracting and not required on infinite scroll layout.

    Please also note that at this stage (while we polish new version) you are able to switch between old and new using footer links.

    Kind Regards,


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