I suggest you ...

I Want Original www.powerthesaurus.org vs www2. PLZ

You were UNIQUE, quick simple, yet extensive expressions. www2 version is bloated white spaced, max scrolling required (time waste) and poor visual design.

Getting creative for synonyms and antonyms is NOT fast. See former favorite swollen Thesaurus.com and any other 'current' site


Alex Radyushin, works at Power Thesaurus
Updated Dec 20, 2016
Originally Answered: What's the best online thesaurus for a writer?
At Power Thesaurus (crowdsourced online English thesaurus), We believe that our tool is indeed the best one for any writer.

Some [PROS]

It's very extensive! <--ITA Perfect

The site has simple, easy-to-use layout with fast page load and low ad-count <--ITA Excellent

The synonyms are sorted by rating and you can vote as well (and add you own terms as well). It has been created and managed by writers for writers! <--ITA Maybe Nice, never used.

The lists can be filtered by topics (the filters are on the right) <--ITA Wonderful

And there are antonyms and other word relations <--ITA Super Swell

The Result

You become very efficient in your writing when you use it! ;)

Happy Writing!

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